Benefits of RFID Wristbands For Event Managers

For the event manager RFID wristbands provide the following benefits: 

1:Facilitate better managed wait lines before the event by providing no-contact RFID gates.

2:Allow fast, simultaneous gate entry since line-of-sight verifications aren’t necessary for entry.

3:Enable reduction of staff especially at gates, of staff time and of the associated staff expense.

4:Reduce revenue loss through counterfeiting and other fraudulent practices.

5:RFID wristbands, can be programmed so information can be locked, which prevents the  RFID chips from being rewritten.

6:Provide accurate, real-time data for on-the-spot crowd support.

7:Provide timely retrospective data to create a future competitive edge.

8:Advance a brand by indelibly advertising an event.

Metalcraft adhesive-closure wristbands eliminate the ease of tampering and removal, which also reduces revenue loss from reuse and pass-along.  

Integrated with the right systems and the event managers can provide immediate crowd logistics to security professionals and helps encourage a stress-free consumer experience that invites guests to return.