What is RFID Elastic Wristband?

RFID elastic wristband is made of 3 parts.

1. Elastic polyester band. 

 - The primary material is stretchy and elastic. This feature makes elastic wristbands very easy to wear and has no limits on size.

 - The Polyester material can be printed with various patterns, which makes it fully personalized. It is especially suitable for some activities with a strong Theme.

2. Fabric Pouch

 - This part could show your logo with printing or embroidery.

 - This part could also show the QR codes and ID numbers.

 - This part is to place the Chip.

3. RFID/NFC Chip

 - It is the soul of RFID elastic wristbands. You can choose different RFID chips for payment, social media, self-check-in, access control, real-time analytics, data transfer, etc…