Fabric RFID Wristbands

Our RFID fabric wristbands include elastic wristbands and cloth wristbands.

The elastic wristbands are made of soft, flexible materials that provide a comfortable fit and have inherent flexibility and stretch that allows them to fit different-sized wrists; they can be personalized to meet specific needs with your choice of printed logos or embroidered logos, unique QR codes and numbers.

The fabric wristband is made of woven fabric or polyester material.

It is available with a one-time-use lock and a reusable lock. Supporting printing or lasering with your logo, unique QR code and serial number.

TK4100 (low frequency), Fudan 1K, ICODE SLI, NTAG 213, NXP Mifare 1K, NXP Mifare Ultralight C 50pf, NXP Mifare Ultralight EV1 are available.

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